We Exist!

Games are strange creatures. They are form of escapism, entertainment, and art unlike any other–one that allows us not only to drown ourselves in another world, but experience it as the ocean itself. They offer a window into a setting unreachable through the constraints of reality and a mirror that can reflect our deepest inner selves and grow not only as players, but as people as well. A game can incite joy and confidence, anger and tears in its players, touching our very souls as we play through them. Or, perhaps, they’re just a lot of fun.

Bit Detection is a website wherein we talk about video games, sometimes objectively, sometimes not. Here a few voices of folk who simply love games will share our thoughts and musings on what we like, dislike, or simply feel warrants discussion. Games have been a non-negligible part of our lives since we were but wee tykes, and we have held onto them as if our identities depended on it. They entertained us a children and give us something less mundane to do as adults. Some of us even try to make them from time to time.

Welcome to Bit Detection, let’s talk about video games.